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Update log [6. NOV - 12. NOV]

Discussion in 'Update Logs' started by LazosPlaying, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. LazosPlaying

    LazosPlaying Owner
    Staff Member OWNER

    Apr 11, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Hello fellow TN players!
    This week has been especially exciting for me, but not only because of the updates mentioned bellow, but also because it is November and we all know what there are holidays next month including Christmas!
    (Expect some neat stuff :big_smile: )​

    Back to the point! As usually the staff team has spent some time improving our network and here is a list of some things that have been done in the past week.

    We have updated the server time on tablist ( -1 hour )

    Changed the "GO VOTE" message delay on Survival from 15mins to 30mins delay between each
      remindseconds: 1800
    Fixed some issues on the serverBoard on HUB

    Updated, fixed and changed permissions and functions that discord roles can have access to (mostly YouTuber, Streamer and Staff roles)

    Reorganised some store items and added custom icon-items in /buy menu in-game

    Fixed the function in chat that inserted /store command instead of /buy command when you clicked on a player's rank in chat

    Fixed the grammar in HasVoted message on hub from "... have voted..." to "... has voted..."

    Added some snowy particles on forums, also CPU friendly (will stop the animations when you are not focused on the browser) and mobile CPU friendly (disabled on mobile devices)

    Replaced the default background images with the "winter-pack"

    Updated the chat format (Staff> Aqua&Lime, Ranked> white, Default>gray)

    Fixed the resource link in join message on TheLab1 server

    Fixed permissions for commands /pack /start /leave

    This are all changes that I remember, but I am sure that there were some more.

    Kind regards, TowerNetwork staff team.
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    #1 LazosPlaying, Nov 12, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017

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