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Update log [27. NOV - 3. DEC]

Discussion in 'Update Logs' started by LazosPlaying, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. LazosPlaying

    LazosPlaying ThaOwner~
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    Apr 11, 2017
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    Sorry for not-so-good-login update log, but i'm typing this at 00:20am...

    Updates from last week;

    Survival> Changed clearlag delay between messages

    Survival> Fixed the issue where user with rank "GOD" could also claim kits that were granted to lower ranks (Emperor for example)

    HUB> Fixed the issue where mobs were spawning on HUB
    Main server> Fixed some system bugs with fallback servers
    when you get kicked from auth, you got sent on HUB server, which allowed some users to abuse a glitch.

    Now the bigger part!
    Updated HUB!
    Added advent calendar and its rewards /calendar
    hidden rewards on secret days
    [Xmas2k17] tag,​
    Special Frosty-Pet,
    You get a reward every day.​
    PresentHunt on HUB /presenthunt
    New "Winter" map!
    2017-12-04_00.13.06.png 2017-12-04_00.12.52.png 2017-12-04_00.12.38.png
    New "Icy" Parkour!

    That's all for now - much more coming in next few weeks, so stay tuned!
    Also stay safe and healthy.

    TNstaff team.​
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