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Survival Tutorial | Survival | Auctions

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by LazosPlaying, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. LazosPlaying

    LazosPlaying Owner
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    Apr 11, 2017
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    Survival | Auctions
    In this tutorial we will explain how to use Auctions on our Survival server.

    The purpose of Auctions is to give players the ability to fast-sell items and to earn more money by selling them that to just talk with one person alone in private messaging.

    We will cover some basic commands, explain them how they work and what you have to type in. We will also cover all additional information such as costs of starting an auction, tax and similar things.​

    1. Starting an auction
      1. Command: /auction start <amount> <price> [incriment] [autowin]
      2. <amount> the amount of items you want sell (items you are holding in your hand when executing the command)
      3. <price> Starting price of the auction. It can not be higher or same as [autowin]
      4. [incriment] Amount of money that will be additionally bid on the item if the person bidding does not specify the amount themself (#commands 2.2)
      5. [autowin] The amount of money that is set as the autowin. When someone bids that amount or higher, he will instantly win the auction.
    2. Bidding
      1. Command: /auction bid [amount]
      2. [amount] Amount of money you are bidding on the ongoing auction. (optional)
    3. Ending an auction
      1. Command: /auction end
      2. Using this command, you will end your auction that has started already. You will get your item(s) back.
    4. Cancelling an auction
      1. Command: /auction cancel
      2. Using this command, you can cancel your auction while it is still in the queue (has not started yet). You will get your item(s) back.
    5. Ignoring messages
      1. Command /auction ignore
      2. Using this command, you will ignore all chat messages from auctions. If you want to turn it those back on, simply execute the command again.
    6. Viewing the current queue
      1. Command: /auction queue
      2. With this command, you will be able to see all queued auctions.
    7. Ignoring just spammy messages
      1. Command: /auction spam
      2. With this command, you will disable all spammy chat messages (such as countdown). To enable that again, simply execute the command again.
    8. Viewing all information of ongoing auction
      1. Command: /auction info
      2. Using this command, you will get in chat all information about the ongoing auction.
    1. Payments:
      1. Starting fee: 50$ (amount removed from your account when you start an auction. You will not get it back if you end or cancel your auction #commands 3 & #commands 4)
      2. Tax: 5% (Percentage removed from final bid. Ex. an auction would be finished with 100$ bid, with 5%, the starter would get 95$ and 5$ would be removed)
      3. Bid incriment: 50$ (the default amount of bid that will be used if the auction starter does not specify the default bid incriment)
      4. Minimum bid incriment: 10$ (lowest amount of money specified when starting the auction #commands 1.4)
      5. Maximum bid incriment: 9999$ (the highest amount of money that can be set when starting the auction #commands 1.4)
      6. Minimum start price: 10$ (the lowest amount of money that can be set as starting amount #commands 1.2)
      7. Maximum start price: 99999$ (the highest amount of money that can be set as starting amount #commands 1.2)
      8. Maximum autowin amount: 10000000 - 10M (The highest amount of money that can be set as autowin #commands 1.5)
    2. Bidding
      1. Auction time: 30s (The minimum amount of time an auction can least)
      2. Delay: 5s (the delay between auction ending and next start)
    3. Sniping auctions
      1. Sniping is a way of last-second-bidding. We try to block that, so if you bid in last 3 seconds, there will be 5 seconds added to the auction time.
    4. Blocked commands
      1. You will not be able to use following commands while having an active auction.
        1. /trade
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    #1 LazosPlaying, Jan 22, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2018
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