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Mc-server /premium and /cracked

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by LazosPlaying, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. LazosPlaying

    LazosPlaying Owner
    Staff Member OWNER

    Apr 11, 2017
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    The usage of /premium and /cracked commands

    What is /premium command, what does it do, what are the requirements and what to be aware of; all of this will be covered in this post. Be sure to read the whole thread, but if you do not understand any part of it, or you think there is something missing do not hesitate contacting us in our support forums section.

    <><><><> Q&A <><><><>

    Q: What do /premium and /cracked commands do?
    A: The /premium command marks your account as "premium" and /cracked marks your account as "cracked (not bought/free)"​

    Q: What are the "features" of marking your account as "premium" ?
    A: There are 2 top features; First - you will be auto logged in every time you join. Second - No one can get into your account without having your Mojang login information.​

    Q: This sounds so good! Can I just go do it now?
    A: Before you execute that command, be sure you have a "premium" Minecraft account, if you are using cracked, you will block that account and no one will be able to get in it (until someone changes their name on their premium account and log on it.​

    Q: I did not know what that command does, and I typed it in and now I can not join the server any longer!
    A: Not a big problem ;) Contact us via email or in our support section on forums and you will get access to your account as soon as possible (which is in 99% of the time max 12 hours)​

    Q: My account is marked as premium but this is my first time connection to the server. I am using "cracked" Minecraft.
    A: You can "fix" that by simply changing your name a little bit. You are being blocked from joining because there is a "premium" account registered on that username already, but since as you said, you are using "cracked" minecraft, just go change your name a bit, and you will be able to join :)

    Q: I marked my account as "premium", I have "premium" Minecraft, but I can not join the server!
    A: Try restarting your Minecraft client (Minecraft program, game) and the launcher you are using. There might be an issue with your session with Mojang's servers (find out more about login session here).

    If you have any suggestions what to add, remove, edit in this thread, be sure to let us know! Post a thread in our suggestions forum.​

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