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New forums, upcoming updates, and more...

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by LazosPlaying, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. LazosPlaying

    LazosPlaying Owner
    Staff Member OWNER

    Apr 11, 2017
    Likes Received:
    New forums + new server updates + please help?
    Hello folks! As you can see, "TowerNetwork" minecraft is 90% dead, there are some new things on the network (if you have seen) such as UHC (and there is a lot more coming, read on), forums have been reset, upgraded and updated to a whole new layout (more about this bellow).


    Yep these are new, and correct, everything has been reset.


    • "Did you reset everything?"
      • I did not reset the database. The old one is backed up, and everything is still stored. I created a new database.
    • "But why did you do that?"
      • When i was looking at forums, when in school, i felt like i want a whole reset. Just like i was going to do with the server (and i am slowly doing it now. server by server) i have done with forums.
    • "Are there any privileges of doing that?"
      • Sure there are! The database is now clean, working on latest update (forum software and database software), the whole database structure is based on latest forums version, new (and updated) addons and background software. All of this leads to faster and safer forums.
        Other than that, there are some new "sections" that you may find useful.

    New things

    As already said above, there are some new sections;
    • General - post whatever you can think of
    • Gaming - discuss about any game you want (if you think we should add a forum section for any other game, please tell us here)
    • Development - post your art, work, design here. Some one may find it useful ;)

    This new theme includes some options that you may also find interesting;
    • Toggle sidebar - do you like a clean forum layout? Toggle your sidebar, and make it more organised. (look here how)
    • Toggle section visibility - you want to play and spare some time? Wait no more, look here how! :p
    • The notices - yes, those spammy annoying things that you can not always dismiss. But sometimes you may find these pretty useful, as for example; when you haven't set your avatar yet, you will see a notice on top (right bellow navigation bar) that will notice you that you don't have an icon yet. If you are using same name on forums, as your premium minecraft account's name is, you can just follow the link provided and you will get your account's face image that you can use. (notice example)
    • The theme as 95% responsive. That means that if you want to connect on forums with your mobile device, tablet, smartTV, or any other device that allows you to use internet browsers, this theme will suit your dimensions. No matter what the shape is, this theme will adapt.
    • And many more that i can not list or think of...
    Minecraft server
    So as you have (probably) seen already, there are some new things on TowerNetwork's MC server.
    It is even more dead is before, that's one thing. I have noticed that some players are still coming back and @Marty even donated :D What i want to say is, big thanks to everyone who is still playing, even if not as often as you used to, you still take your time to connect (even tho it takes max 15sec.) and that's what makes me feel better.
    Again big thanks to @Marty who donated even tho the server is (almost) dead.
    Do not get me wrong, i am not planning to close the server. Not at all, not anymore. I have some plans, that i will finish.

    In next month expect some new things;
    - Arcade lobby
    - Speed UHC
    - BedWars
    - Some PVP minigames (please post here if you have any ideas)


    Thank you for taking your time to read this :)
    Best regards,
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