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OtherWeb How To Vote

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by LazosPlaying, Sep 3, 2017.


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  1. LazosPlaying

    LazosPlaying Owner
    Staff Member OWNER

    Apr 11, 2017
    Likes Received:

    Hello there fellow player!
    Since you are reading this, i assume that you need help learning how to vote and get your rewards, or you got here when clicking on the "VOTE" url on the main landing page.

    Vote links:
    https://v1.towernetwork.eu - MinecraftMp.com ☆
    https://v2.towernetwork.eu - MinecraftServers.org ☆
    https://v3.towernetwork.eu - TopG.org ☆
    https://v4.towernetwork.eu - minecraftlist.org ☆

    How to vote - steps
    ☘ First of all, you navigate to one of the vote pages. Links are provided above (v1.towernetwork.eu and similar)
    The page is fully loaded when there are no more loading spinners like

    ☘ When it loads, fill out the form which will look something like these
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ☘ Type your username in text input marked with the red border

    ☘ Confirm that you are not the robot. The field is marked with the green/lime border.
    This system is used for blocking spam-robots from using these features ☝ What Is reCaptcha?

    ☘ When you are done with that, the only thing left is clicking on the button and confirmation. To do that, click on the button marked with dark blue border.

    ☛ How does voting help the server?
    ☞ When you vote, our server gets a certain amount of points on the serverList you have voted on, which helps us get higher on the serverlist. Higher we are, more chance there is that a player that is searching for a server to play on, will find us. Overall, it is helping others find our community.

    ☛ What do I get when I vote?
    ☞ Depends on the server you connect to, you get Fly on Survival, Coins on SkyWars, Tokens on HUB and all sorts of other things, which are related to the gamemode provided on that section of our network.

    ☛ How many times can i vote per day?
    ☞ On most sites, you are allowed to vote one time per 24 hours, which means that if you vote on 1th of September at 9pm, you will be able to vote again next day, on 2nd of September, only at or after 9pm, not earlier.

    ☛ I have another issue that has not been covered in this Q&A! What can i do?
    ☞ Feel free to ask for support in our support section. Just read this, post a thread here, fill our the required information and port the thread.

    I hope you found this article useful, if you think that there is something missing, feel free to post a suggestion.​
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    #1 LazosPlaying, Sep 3, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2017

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