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Hello fellow TN players!
This week has been especially exciting for me, but not only because of the updates mentioned bellow, but also because it is November and we all know what there are holidays next month including Christmas!
(Expect some neat stuff :big_smile: )​

Back to the point! As usually the staff team has spent some time improving our network and here is a list of some things that have been done in the past week.

We have updated the server time on tablist ( -1 hour )

Changed the "GO VOTE" message delay on Survival from 15mins to 30mins delay between each
  remindseconds: 1800
Fixed some issues on the serverBoard on HUB

Updated, fixed and changed permissions and functions that discord roles can have access to (mostly YouTuber, Streamer and Staff roles)

Reorganised some store items and added custom icon-items in /buy menu in-game

Fixed the function in chat that inserted /store command instead of /buy command when you clicked on a player's rank in chat

Fixed the grammar in HasVoted message on hub from "... have voted..." to "... has voted..."

Added some snowy particles on forums, also CPU friendly (will stop the animations when you are not focused on the browser) and mobile CPU friendly (disabled on mobile devices)

Replaced the default background images with the "winter-pack"

Updated the chat format (Staff> Aqua&Lime, Ranked> white, Default>gray)

Fixed the resource link in join message on TheLab1 server

Fixed permissions for commands /pack /start /leave

This are all changes that I remember, but I am sure that there were some more.

Kind regards, TowerNetwork staff team.
  1. We have removed UHC since no one was playing on it at all.
    Following to this, we had to modify some things that will follow next;
    - Updated tablist
    - Updated SideBar (HUB)
    - Updated Menu (HUB)​
  2. Player connecting system
    You (as players) might have not noticed, but we have updated our system for player balancing, connection from server, to other servers and similar.
  3. Fixed most of the tablist issues
    including some players being bugged from time to time (on tablist of course)
  4. We have also updated the application requirements, which can be found here.
  5. Finally, we have added another custom map to our SkyWars Solo-map collection!

    It is named Jungle, hosts 2 players, which means it is 1v1 map.
    It is bigger than our other 1v1 map called duels, and has more chests that you can loot.

    Thanks to @Girl (Megaxx) for helping with some fast decoration and other details.

This is all I have for this week's update-log. I am sure we've done some more, but I haven't really noted down every single detail.

Regards, TowerNetwork staff team.
Halloween 7/10/2017


First of all, I would like to thank @HandsomeGent and @Martijnkop for making such a great Event world, it was really fun, even for me that I knew almost everything of "what is going to happen"


Second of all, thanks to everyone that came on the event, it was really nice to see that we got on 18 players and I hope that these events will give such a boost to the playerbase, just as BCE (Best Christmas Ever) did, so we can make TowerNetwork have ~40 players daily online, if not even more :3

Unfortunately I could not screenshot the 18players, but I did the 17 online


If you haven't noticed yet, there is a 20% off sale in our store, so you should go check it out and support the community.

Q: "But Lazo, why do you need money ?"
A: "So I can pay for the servers. There is not such thing as 'free' in this world"

Q: "And what will you do, if you get more donations as needed?"
A: "Keep them on PayPal, so I will be able to pay for the servers even when there will not be enough donations for that month"

Q: "If I donate, what will I get?"
A: "Depends on what you choose in store ;) "


Enough of this sellout, enjoy these few screenshots I took ;)

2017-10-07_20.23.36.png 2017-10-07_20.23.49.png 2017-10-07_20.23.56.png 2017-10-07_20.24.03.png 2017-10-07_20.32.16.png 2017-10-07_20.32.21.png 2017-10-07_20.33.11.png


Thank you again for participating, I hope we will see you with even bigger player-counter value, next weekend on Saturday the 14th of October, 2017!

Ayeee everyone!​

With "Hallo-Weekends" just over a week away, we're announcing what this event will feature in depth!
First off, the Icon for this years event is none other then "THE PUMPKIN KING"! The embodiment of Halloween who always loves a good scare. Interact with him and all his monsters throughout the night.


Your first Haunted House of the night is "Cabin Fever".
"Enter a wooded cabin that houses a serial killer and his victims that have overstepped. Walk through the twisted hallways and claustrophobic rooms as the killer is always one step ahead. You'll never lose this fever."


Later in your journey, you pass by an abandoned Carnival inhabited by freaks and clowns who stay loyal to the only place they call home. The clowns have been waiting your arrival all evening! This, is the Scare Zone "CarnEVIL"!


The biggest Haunted House of the night is "THE BARN"
"Country life has always been simple. But what do cannibalistic hillbillies do for fun? Venture inside to see their twisted life of carnage. How could anyone blame them? It's what happens in The Barn!"


Other Haunted Houses: "BLACKOUT"
Other Scare Zones: "THE WOODS"
Skin Contests
Trick Or Treating
Hay Maze
Hanging Monorail

All of this and more! Come see this one of a kind experience and celebrate Halloween best; on Tower


We hope to see you there!

-Gent (Event Manager)
Ayeeeee everyone!


It's been a while. For those who don't know me, I'm HandsomeGent. Or, just Jay :) I'm one of the Event Managers here on TowerNetwork.

Today, I have something big to announce to all of you. And that would be " Hallo-Weekends "!
I know you're asking "jAyWhAtIsHaLlOwEeKeNdS" actually you're prob not but allow me to explain. Here's what the event will feature:​

Halloween Hub World full of activities
3 Haunted House Attractions
"Tower Network SCREAMS Firework Show"
Halloween Costume/Skin Contest Party
2 Scare Zones
Trick Or Treating
And much more !​

This event will take place October 7th, 14, 21st, and 28th at 20:00 server time.
Everyone's invited, so come along! Also, bring along a friend because the more the merrier. We will be announcing small details and the Haunted House themes very soon so stay tuned.
This will be an event like you've never seen before! If you have any questions, drop me a message here on forums.
Hope to see you there!

-Yours Truly
Forums Email works
The forums update!
The email server is from now on working. It is also pretty fast, it takes about 6 seconds for the email to be delivered.

Yeah, the forums ARE back, but not for everyone. Sadly enough, moving on a self-managed host, means taking some time and setting everything up, such as WebServer, drivers, MailServer, settings so the URLs do not look messed up, but are organised and so on.

What does that mean? Well everything is faster, better, improved and so on, but not-yet confirmed users will not be able to confirm their accounts until that is done, so keep yourself updated!
How? Check our status page from time to time, or these forums ;)

Kind regards,
Lazosplaying, Noodles and some other staff (including me) are working on semi-vanilla and it is going great! We are almost ready for its release! There is one way you can help and that is by getting on and supporting what me and the other staff do also get all your buddies on as this is going to be the start of something new! :)
Hello fellow TowerNetwork players!

I am happy to announce that the "old TowerNetwork" is coming back. With old goods and new stuff (read more about new stuff bellow)

What is new?

Well there is a lot of things that will be renewed, remade or at least changed and updated.
For example; When purchasing a rank, you will have to be on HUB in order for it to update.

There will also be global nicknames, which means that if you have a rank (Warrior or above) you will be able to set your nickname that will be applied globally. For example; You set your nickname on HUB and then connect to Survival, the nickname will stay the same. The nickname is also shown on the tablist (not nametags)

Also a new feature are tags
These are sadly not global (yet?). There are, as you can see in the menu title, 53 different tags, displayed on 2 pages.

Why care about tags?
Tags can make expose you in chat. For example, there are tags like "TNArmy", "Rich", "Beast", "Mythical" and many more, that can make you look much more 'bad-ass' as without.

You can win these tags in crate(s) located on HUB.

Including tags, there are 179 rewards in VoteCrate(s) on HUB. You can open those when voting (check info-board on HUB for exact amount of keys you have)


New Gamemode(s) ?

There are new gamemodes!

There won't be any direct information, but you have a chance to win a 10$ Coupon

(if you are logged in, if not register here and then login)
First 5 players who will post correct gamemode(s) in this forum
will get an 10$ Coupon valid in our online store (applies to any item in out store)


How to participate?

If you think that you know what are the gamemode(s) displayed on the image above, create a post HERE
Copy This text and edit it suiting your information
My ingame name:
My real life name / nickname:
Gamemode(s) that i think are going to be released: 
divider3.png ...​
BungeeCord New logo
Hello everybody!

As you can see by the title (and the contant bellow, i supose you already analysed both images), we have a new logo! It was made by a young, fast and friendly designer that i met on another minecraft-replated platform (spigotmc.org)

Network logo

Network Build Team logo

That's it for this topic,
best regards!​
tn-logo.png tn-logo-bt.png
New forums + new server updates + please help?
Hello folks! As you can see, "TowerNetwork" minecraft is 90% dead, there are some new things on the network (if you have seen) such as UHC (and there is a lot more coming, read on), forums have been reset, upgraded and updated to a whole new layout (more about this bellow).


Yep these are new, and correct, everything has been reset.


  • "Did you reset everything?"
    • I did not reset the database. The old one is backed up, and everything is still stored. I created a new database.
  • "But why did you do that?"
    • When i was looking at forums, when in school, i felt like i want a whole reset. Just like i was going to do with the server (and i am slowly doing it now. server by server) i have done with forums.
  • "Are there any privileges of doing that?"
    • Sure there are! The database is now clean, working on latest update (forum software and database software), the whole database structure is based on latest forums version, new (and updated) addons and background software. All of this leads to faster and safer forums.
      Other than that, there are some new "sections" that you may find useful.

New things

As already said above, there are some new sections;
  • General - post whatever you can think of
  • Gaming - discuss about any game you want (if you think we should add a forum section for any other game, please tell us here)
  • Development - post your art, work, design here. Some one may find it useful ;)

This new theme includes some options that you may also find interesting;
  • Toggle sidebar - do you like a clean forum layout? Toggle your sidebar, and make it more organised. (look here how)
  • Toggle section visibility - you want to play and spare some time? Wait no more, look here how! :p
  • The notices - yes, those spammy annoying things that you can not always dismiss. But sometimes you may find these pretty useful, as for example; when you haven't set your avatar yet, you will see a notice on top (right bellow navigation bar) that will notice you that you don't have an icon yet. If you are using same name on forums, as your premium minecraft account's name is, you can just follow the link provided and you will get your account's face image that you can use....