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Hey everyone!
Tonight is the night it happens. We announced that we will be removing the old survival a month ago, and today is the day it'll go down. We thought we'd do it in style, because thats how we roll, here on TowerNetwork.

Because of this, we backed up the world, and if you log in, you will see that everything blocking you from breaking blocks is removed, starting about 4 blocks from spawn. We also lowered TNT in the shop to 5 bucks a pop.

Have a great time saying goodbye to your bases, and thanks for sticking with us!

TN Weekly | Week 10
Hello guys! We are sorry for the late "Tn Weekly" update, but yeah, it finally came out :p
So let's get into the new updates, shall we?
We'll start with the server performance and its issues. I am happy to say the the TPS (Ticks/Operation Per Second) is now stable. The new survival server is running on smooth minimum of 19.60 out of 20 TPS, which is very good. You might be wondering what was the main issue... ...and it was the amount of mobs that were in the overworld and all the processing that the server had to perform. In order to fix that, we limited the mob amount to maximum 25 of each mob type per chunk. If you get over the limit, the mobs won't breed any more. There were also some issues with mob farms which were resolved after some time and testing.
Moving on to the custom plugins :)
We are now running a few custom plugins developed by @Koenn .

As you already know, you can fly. The flight is restricted to claimed areas of the town you belong to. As a unranked player you may fly max 60 minutes / day by voting on all 4 voting sites (15min per vote), but you can always buy an fly upgrade or a rank that gives unlimited flight in town regions in our web store.

Silk Spawners
After some time, we also added support for mining spawners with a SilkTouch pickaxe. Remember that you do have a 50/50 drop chance, which means that you have just as much chance that the spawner will drop as that it won't. We implemented this feature to prevent the world being overflown with mob grinders (especially blaze grinders).

Dying on teleportation? Say no more!
The Flight plugin has also a few other built-in features that fix some of the issues that appeared on the new Survival. One of them is the "die on tp" bug, which resulted in randomly killing you after a successful teleport. But let's no end here! The flight has also an feature that disabled any damage for at least one second after you connected to New Survival server, or until you touch the ground. This also fixes the issue when you logout while flying and login back when your fly timed out, so you would fall and take damage. In this case, the plugin prevents that.
Spawner Shop
In addition to silk spawners, we also enabled the spawner shop in /shop menu. You can buy spawners using Tokens you get when voting and playing other minigames on the server.
Back to bug fixing and improvements!
We updated the New Survival to 1.12.2, soon we will also update the SkyWars and after that TheLab....​
UpdateLog TN Weekly | Week 9
TN Weekly | Week 9
Hey everyone! In our last post, we promised to keep you more updated with what has been going on on the server lately, so here goes!

Before we get into it, we've had a really busy week and will be keeping the server up to date! Also, thanks for all the feedback about the update, we'd love to make the server even better!

In this week we feel like we achieved a lot. The week started out slowly, with the only people online being staff, with a few exceptions. We spent a lot of time finalising the new survival for you guys, which turned out great in our opinion! We have also been doing some other stuff in the meantime, which I will mention later on.

On the 1st of March, we released the New Survival. We ran into a few hiccups along the way, although everything turned out great! We had our builders making an amazing spawn, introduced a lot of new features into the game and generally improved it, compared to the old survival. We are still adding a lot of features, to keep you guys entertained (like quests and a better way to organize your towns!), so be on the lookout when that happens!

Finally, we got @Herox to make us a couple of awesome screenshots from the new survival server, which we are currently using for the forum background! Thanks Herox!









That'll be about it for this week, have a great time playing everyone!

Hey everyone! With NEW Survival opening yesterday, we got a lot of player feedback and suggestions. I'm here to tell you we're listening, and already adding new features.

- Towny: One of the main complaints with Towny is the lack of claims / chunks. Starting this weekend, Towny claims will be set to 12 chunks per player.

- Fly: Flying is set to return as a perk for voting but will only be available inside your personal town. In addition, more items will be added into the VOTE Crate :^)

Also coming to our Forums is "TN Weekly" A weekly Forum post that details the newest in server news, highlights player's builds and creations, bug fixes, and of course Lazo's world famous "UpdateLog" Expect this to start next weekend!

As always, If you have any other suggestions or feedback, you can drop them off here

That's it for now, enjoy Survival everyone!

-HandsomeGent (Admin)​
This post will not be a storyline-style... It's an update log. A log, so if you're interested in finding out all the bugfixing we have done in the last few hours go on and read the whole thingy ^-^

First of all I would like to thank all the users that were so patient when the new server was crashing because of the RandomTP plugin. We found out what the issue is.

Now let's go on with the fixes and changes
  • players can now kill mobs in /warp foodfarm
  • fixed the double "player has voted" message in chat
  • players can now delete their towns
  • Tablist is now formatted correctly
  • Spawner prices are now visible in the item lore
  • Fixed the issue where the /party overlapped the McMMO Party system commands

If you have any other issues, please report them on forums (bug reports), DM me here or on discord.

Hello everyone! It has come apparent to us over the past few months that our survival is in desperate need of a clean up. It's been over a year since our last new world, and we think it's for the best to part ways. We plan on a floor to ceiling revamp of how Survival runs and how you get to play it. New spawn, new plugins, new features, new shop, and finally: a new world. A complete restart of Tower Network survival is coming your way March 1st. More info will come soon detailing what new features we plan on adding.

The existing survival world will be online till March 17th 11:59 PM. Don't be sad though, we plan on having Survival go out with a bang! (Pun intended) We will announce more details soon once they get worked out. :)

We hope this restart is not just a change for Survival, but for Tower Network as a whole. With our new logo. we're striving to clean up all aspects of our server to deliver a unified Tower Network playing experience. We hope you're as excited as we are about the future of Tower Network, and that you'll stay see the changes.

New TN, here we come.

Auctions are back!

As some of you have noticed, the very first day when we removed Auctions, the /ah was gone.
This is one of updates where we are aiming to encourage player interaction between each other.

So why Auctions?
Well we saw that the addon was not used as much as we expected. There were no items is in at all, eve though that it is the easiest way to sell items in the Survival and make profit. So higher staff members talked about this and we decided that we will add an older style (and more interactive) of Auctions on Survival.

How do they work?
The new Auctions system is based on chat messages instead of menus, so all users will always see that you are auctioning an item, be it a spawner, an very good pickaxe or a mob head. The plugin has been for a long time, we also know it for quite long, and it has been improved in all possible ways, so there no chance you will ever lose an item or enchantment because of a bug.

How am I supposed to use Auctions?
You can list a full toturial here :)

HeadDrops chances were changed!

We changed all MobHead drop chances.

We try to balance everything on our network, and so we did with heads. We understand that the chances were very unbalanced, so we got together and started working on the configuration files. After a the work and time we invested in this, we think that the drop chances are more balanced than ever before.
But as always, if you think that there should be anything changed, feel free to post a suggestion here or if you think it is a bug, post it here, so we can take a look at it, lucky enough we are not too-hard working hamsters, so we might have missed something or made a mistake.

So what are the new drop chances?
You can check out the current drop percentage here
The rates are in percentage, where 0.5 would mean 0.5% or 0.005 drop rate.

  drop-rate: 0.5
  drop-rate: 0.5
  drop-rate: 0.5
  drop-rate: 0.1
  drop-rate: 0.1
  drop-rate: 0.05
  drop-rate: 0.5
  drop-rate: 0.1
  drop-rate: 0.1
  drop-rate: 0.05
  drop-rate: 0.05
  drop-rate: 0.1
  drop-rate: 0.05
  drop-rate: 0.05
  drop-rate: 0.5
  drop-rate: 0.1
  drop-rate: 0.5
  drop-rate: 0.1
  drop-rate: 0.1
  drop-rate: 0.05
  drop-rate: 0.1
  drop-rate: 0.5
  drop-rate: 0.05...
Ayeeeee everyone!
It's time for the next event announcement. It's also the time of the year where love is in the air shortly followed by loneliness and depression. That's right, Valentines Day.

Feb. 3rd-18th
What you can expect:

This map is only available for the 2 weeks,
play it while you can!

Take in all that love.
Alone on a Saturday night again? Don't fear; the Tower is here.
Come hang out, join some Drop Parties, and bask in the sad love songs.
Saturday's Feb. 3rd and 17th.

There are still more surprises and details that we haven't announced.
Until then, I'll see you on TN.
-Gent (Admin)

Update log time!
divider pixel.png

And yes, once again, after so long, we are posting an update log. This time, we are bringing some new life and love to our Survival server :) We have been working hard, despite the NewYear, and we made our server even better than it was!

Opening Update.log ...
We have a player shop plugin from the start, but there is not really a lot of people that use it at the time being. When we started the server, we were aiming for the economy to be based on player shops, but over time, based on mistakes from our side, it became based on server shop. So now we took a step forward to our original vision and made server shop have higher prices. We really want to encourage the use of player shops, so expect some more updates on this topic coming soon


We also noticed that the new players did not know how to disable PVP, so we switched the default settings so that as soon as you join the first time, you PVP will be disabled.


There was also some demand coming from your side for us to enable usage of sugar cane in Farmer jobs. This has been now taken care of. We made sure that exploiting is not an issue any more, but it's still usable.

For those who have spent a good deal of time grinding your jobs levels to rank 1, you can now see your head displayed above your name at spawn. For the aspiring players, this is another reason to grind harder!


The eggcatcher plugin was added in hope to add more diversity to the player shop economy. However, allowing members of all ranks to egg sheep, pigs and chickens has resulted in a lack of reason for selling meaningful spawn eggs (such as pigs and cows) in players hops. At the same time, we do not wish for members to lose out on the egging experience. As such, the following changes have been made:​
  • Members will still be able to egg zombies and skeletons but will no longer be able to egg pigs chickens and sheep
  • Warriors will no longer be able to egg sheep
  • Soldiers will no longer be able to egg pigs
  • Egging permissions for all other ranks remain the same.

We also understand that 10.00 Euro for the first Soldier rank might come across as too much for players looking to make their first time purchase on the server. In light of that, the price of soldier rank has been lowered to 6.70 Euro. Go grab that rank you have long been eyeing for!


Miscellaneous typos have been fixed in store to make your purchases clearer.

We are back ♪ - on the track ♪

divider pixel.png

Hello fellow Minecraft player!​
Today is a pretty special day for me and that also makes a pretty special day for TowerNetwork. Today, after a long time and hard work, we got on 21 players!

Before you read on what follows next, if you consider yourself an OG, check out the image in the spoiler above and try to find something that might ring a bell to you ;)
"OG" stands originally for "original gangster" but in gaming community that would rather mean "gamer", which would result in "Original Gamer" This is used to "label" players/gamers who are in a community for a very long time.

What I am talking about is a very specific player which goes by the name "FrozenFever" You might not know much about him, but let me tell you that if you have to thank someone for TowerNetwork being as it is at the moment, it's him.
You might be asking yourself why I am talking about him? Well to be honest, I do not want to talk just about him, but rather about this whole day and some changes that will drastically change TowerNetwork's future. One of them is Frozen coming online, which made my day much better and gave me that energy that I needed to get on, be proud of TowerNetwork and our community.
But this is not just one person that brightened my day up! There's also one of our old staffs that some of you might remember him. @HandsomeGent decided to come back and with him the good ol' Cosmic Nights!
I would also really like to thank another member of our team that came back some time ago and kept himself a bit in the back, not really exposing himself too much, @Herox . He is one of our builders, and he is the one who you can thank to for some of our amazing custom-build SkyWars maps that (as seen on the scene) quite a lot of you really like :)
2017-10-09_19.24.23.png 2017-12-05_18.36.58.png 2017-12-12_19.01.39.png
I would also like to thank everyone else in the staff team that has helped in the last month or two.​
divider pixel.png
Back on those sweet 20+
Another thing that you can see on the image above is that we got on 21 players at once. And that did not happen just once today, but multiple times this evening, so a bit thanks also to you, players, that play on TowerNetwork and make our community grow :)
divider pixel.png
And YES! There is also a giveaway.
We will be giving out a Warrior rank (or a rank upgrade if you are higher-raked) to a random user (that is not staff)
In order to enter you need to comment your story how you got on...​
Sorry for not-so-good-login update log, but i'm typing this at 00:20am...

Updates from last week;

Survival> Changed clearlag delay between messages

Survival> Fixed the issue where user with rank "GOD" could also claim kits that were granted to lower ranks (Emperor for example)

HUB> Fixed the issue where mobs were spawning on HUB
Main server> Fixed some system bugs with fallback servers
when you get kicked from auth, you got sent on HUB server, which allowed some users to abuse a glitch.

Now the bigger part!
Updated HUB!
Added advent calendar and its rewards /calendar
hidden rewards on secret days
[Xmas2k17] tag,​
Special Frosty-Pet,
You get a reward every day.​
PresentHunt on HUB /presenthunt
New "Winter" map!
2017-12-04_00.13.06.png 2017-12-04_00.12.52.png 2017-12-04_00.12.38.png
New "Icy" Parkour!

That's all for now - much more coming in next few weeks, so stay tuned!
Also stay safe and healthy.

TNstaff team.​
Hello fellow TN players!
This week has been especially exciting for me, but not only because of the updates mentioned bellow, but also because it is November and we all know what there are holidays next month including Christmas!
(Expect some neat stuff :big_smile: )​

Back to the point! As usually the staff team has spent some time improving our network and here is a list of some things that have been done in the past week.

We have updated the server time on tablist ( -1 hour )

Changed the "GO VOTE" message delay on Survival from 15mins to 30mins delay between each
  remindseconds: 1800
Fixed some issues on the serverBoard on HUB

Updated, fixed and changed permissions and functions that discord roles can have access to (mostly YouTuber, Streamer and Staff roles)

Reorganised some store items and added custom icon-items in /buy menu in-game

Fixed the function in chat that inserted /store command instead of /buy command when you clicked on a player's rank in chat

Fixed the grammar in HasVoted message on hub from "... have voted..." to "... has voted..."

Added some snowy particles on forums, also CPU friendly (will stop the animations when you are not focused on the browser) and mobile CPU friendly (disabled on mobile devices)

Replaced the default background images with the "winter-pack"

Updated the chat format (Staff> Aqua&Lime, Ranked> white, Default>gray)

Fixed the resource link in join message on TheLab1 server

Fixed permissions for commands /pack /start /leave

This are all changes that I remember, but I am sure that there were some more.

Kind regards, TowerNetwork staff team.
  1. We have removed UHC since no one was playing on it at all.
    Following to this, we had to modify some things that will follow next;
    - Updated tablist
    - Updated SideBar (HUB)
    - Updated Menu (HUB)​
  2. Player connecting system
    You (as players) might have not noticed, but we have updated our system for player balancing, connection from server, to other servers and similar.
  3. Fixed most of the tablist issues
    including some players being bugged from time to time (on tablist of course)
  4. We have also updated the application requirements, which can be found here.
  5. Finally, we have added another custom map to our SkyWars Solo-map collection!

    It is named Jungle, hosts 2 players, which means it is 1v1 map.
    It is bigger than our other 1v1 map called duels, and has more chests that you can loot.

    Thanks to @Girl (Megaxx) for helping with some fast decoration and other details.

This is all I have for this week's update-log. I am sure we've done some more, but I haven't really noted down every single detail.

Regards, TowerNetwork staff team.
Halloween 7/10/2017


First of all, I would like to thank @HandsomeGent and @Martijnkop for making such a great Event world, it was really fun, even for me that I knew almost everything of "what is going to happen"


Second of all, thanks to everyone that came on the event, it was really nice to see that we got on 18 players and I hope that these events will give such a boost to the playerbase, just as BCE (Best Christmas Ever) did, so we can make TowerNetwork have ~40 players daily online, if not even more :3

Unfortunately I could not screenshot the 18players, but I did the 17 online


If you haven't noticed yet, there is a 20% off sale in our store, so you should go check it out and support the community.

Q: "But Lazo, why do you need money ?"
A: "So I can pay for the servers. There is not such thing as 'free' in this world"

Q: "And what will you do, if you get more donations as needed?"
A: "Keep them on PayPal, so I will be able to pay for the servers even when there will not be enough donations for that month"

Q: "If I donate, what will I get?"
A: "Depends on what you choose in store ;) "


Enough of this sellout, enjoy these few screenshots I took ;)

2017-10-07_20.23.36.png 2017-10-07_20.23.49.png 2017-10-07_20.23.56.png 2017-10-07_20.24.03.png 2017-10-07_20.32.16.png 2017-10-07_20.32.21.png 2017-10-07_20.33.11.png


Thank you again for participating, I hope we will see you with even bigger player-counter value, next weekend on Saturday the 14th of October, 2017!

Ayeee everyone!​

With "Hallo-Weekends" just over a week away, we're announcing what this event will feature in depth!
First off, the Icon for this years event is none other then "THE PUMPKIN KING"! The embodiment of Halloween who always loves a good scare. Interact with him and all his monsters throughout the night.


Your first Haunted House of the night is "Cabin Fever".
"Enter a wooded cabin that houses a serial killer and his victims that have overstepped. Walk through the twisted hallways and claustrophobic rooms as the killer is always one step ahead. You'll never lose this fever."


Later in your journey, you pass by an abandoned Carnival inhabited by freaks and clowns who stay loyal to the only place they call home. The clowns have been waiting your arrival all evening! This, is the Scare Zone "CarnEVIL"!


The biggest Haunted House of the night is "THE BARN"
"Country life has always been simple. But what do cannibalistic hillbillies do for fun? Venture inside to see their twisted life of carnage. How could anyone blame them? It's what happens in The Barn!"


Other Haunted Houses: "BLACKOUT"
Other Scare Zones: "THE WOODS"
Skin Contests
Trick Or Treating
Hay Maze
Hanging Monorail

All of this and more! Come see this one of a kind experience and celebrate Halloween best; on Tower


We hope to see you there!

-Gent (Event Manager)